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Send us a photograph or drawing of your pet to add to our Gallery.

Lara meowed for her photos to be added to our photo album. Beautiful shots from Shelley.

The direct stare The stretch Sleepy

Bailey and Breezer J are best mates – even if Breezer J is feisty and likes to pounce on Bailey every chance she gets. Thanks to Maryanne.

Bailey Breezer J

Julie sent in pictures of Hector and Jazzy – who has had her ears removed.

Hector Hector and Jazzy

Beautiful and photogenic border collies Amie and Edward from Cam.

Amie and Edward

Carly wonders how the little cute puppy Boags grew so quickly.

Boags as a puppy Boags at the beach Boags

Everyone loves Christmas. Especially Brooklyn and Keisha. Great photos from Rachel.

Another reindeer What did they ask for?

Jason keeps Danni safe in the car and teddy keeps Sheila safe at home.

Danni is safe in the car My teddy

David has a speedy whippet Millie and affectionate cats Ollie and Sterling at his home.

Speedy Millie Tranquil Ollie Sterling

Cat playing in cattery Cat happy in cage Curious kitten